Unblock View of Former JCube Shopping Centre Capitaland
JCube Condo at Jurong East

JCube Condo Project Information

JCube Condo Project Details
Project NameJcube Condo
Address of DevelopmentJurong East Central 1
Project DeveloperCapitaland
Tenure99 Years Leasehold Development
Site AreaTo Be Advised
Gross Floor AreaTo Be Advised
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of Storeys40 Storeys
No of UnitsApproximately 450 Units

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    Jcube Condo Location

    JCube Condo Location

    JCube Condo Residence Updates

    : Latest Condo by CapitaLand Launching Soon.

    : City Fringe Development right next to Jurong East MRT Station.

    13-Jan-2023: Please kindly register here for the latest VVIP dates and discounts.

    13-Jan-2023: Check out the latest site plan and floor plan here.

    JCube Condo Former JCube Shopping Centre at Jurong East MRT Station

    JCube Condo Residence Former JCube Shopping Centre by Capitaland

    Bukit Batok Secondary School near to Novo Place EC is an excellent choice for parents looking for a well-rounded education for their older children. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that not only focuses on academic subjects, but also includes practical life-skills training. This ensures that students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their future endeavors.

    Apart from academic and language development, My First Skool Jurong West also focuses on developing a child’s physical well-being. The center has a well-equipped outdoor play area where children can engage in a variety of physical activities that help them develop their gross motor skills. These activities not only promote a healthy and active lifestyle, but they also enhance a child’s coordination, balance, and agility.

    The Tampines North MRT Station is part of the upcoming Cross Island Line, which will provide direct access to major employment hubs such as Changi Business Park, Jurong Lake District, and the Central Business District. This means that residents of Parktown Residences will have easy access to a wide range of job opportunities, making it an ideal location for working professionals.

    To further enhance the residents’ living experience, Parktown Residences also offers a comprehensive range of facilities such as a lap pool, gym, and BBQ pits. These are perfect for spending quality time with family and friends, or just unwinding after a long day.

    For those who prefer taking the bus, the integrated bus interchange at Tampines North offers a plethora of bus services that connect to city areas such as Orchard Road, Bugis, and Chinatown. This allows for a seamless commute to various parts of Singapore, without the hassle of transferring between multiple modes of transportation.

    After a decade of providing leisure and edutainment, JCUBE, located in the Jurong East region of Singapore, is set to close its doors in August to make way for a 40-storey residential and commercial development JCube Condo Residence. The move comes after CapitaLand Development (CLD), the development arm of CapitaLand Group, obtained provisional permission from Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority to redevelop the JCube site, it announced on Tuesday (Feb 7).

    Observers are estimating a S$2,000 to S$2,100 per square foot (psf) price tag for JCube Condo Residence residential units of the new development, which will have commercial space on the first and second storeys. It is slated for completion in 2027.

    JCube Condo Residence will be connected to Jurong East MRT interchange, Westgate and IMM Building via J-Walk, a covered elevated pedestrian network in the Jurong Lake District (JLD). Eventually, JCube Condo Residence will be linked to the upcoming Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub, which boasts a bus interchange, public library, community club and sports centre, among other amenities near to JCube Condo Residence. CLD expects to launch JCube Condo Residence new development for sale in the second half of 2023, said chief executive Tan Yew Chin. Exact details of JCube Condo Residence pricing as well as the number and size of the units, have yet to be disclosed.

    Redevelopment of JCube Shopping Centre to JCube Condo Residence to Bring New Homes in Jurong East

    JCube Condo Residence redevelopment of JCube will complement the Singapore government’s plans to bring new homes, along with new businesses, recreational facilities and amenities to the JLD, CLD noted. JCube Condo Residence also adds to anticipation over potential residential launches in the vicinity, including a 6.8-hectare mega white site on the confirmed list of the first half of the 2023 government land sales programme.

    JCube Condo Residence white site, which comprises three plots of land, will be sold to a master developer which will build up to 375,000 square metres (sq m) in gross floor area (GFA) in the next five to 10 years. This includes 1,760 private homes, 150,000 sq m of office space, and 75,000 sq m of complementary uses such as for retail, hotel or community.

    Together with the new JCube development, the potential launches including JCube Condo Residence condo will help to alleviate pent-up demand for housing in Jurong, given the lack of new condo launches in recent years, noted property analysts. “Residential homes in Jurong Lake District may be attractive in the long term, as regions zoned for infrastructural growth and substantial transformational works tend to see faster capital appreciation,” said Christine Sun, senior vice-president of research and analytics at OrangeTee & Tie.

    The potential new launches will likely boost home prices in the resale market and possibly have a spillover effect on the Bukit Batok and Clementi areas near to JCube Condo Residence, said Lee Nai Jia, PropertyGuru’s head of real estate data intelligence, digital and software solutions. In terms of pricing, Lee expects the new JCube residential project to have an average selling price of S$2,100 psf and upwards, aligned with recent launch prices of the outside of central region developments.

    Jurong Region Line Close to Jurong Condo

    Singapore’s Jurong Region Line (JRL) is set to become the seventh MRT line in the city-state, serving both current and future developments in western Singapore. The line will enhance the connectivity of the region and support the growth of the Jurong area, which is expected to be the largest commercial hub outside of the Central Business District. Key activity nodes in Jurong, such as the Jurong Industrial Estate, Jurong Innovation District, and Nanyang Technological University, will be accessible to commuters. With the addition of three interchange stations, the JRL will provide more travel route options and allow for 60,000 more households in Jurong to be within a 10-minute walk of a train station.

    The Jurong Region Line (JRL) will bring numerous benefits to the residents of Jurong Condo Residents. With the addition of three interchange stations, residents of Jurong Condo will have more alternative routes for commuting to various parts of Singapore. This improved connectivity will also make it more convenient for residents to access the nearby Jurong Industrial Estate, Jurong Innovation District, and Nanyang Technological University. Furthermore, the JRL will allow 60,000 more households in Jurong to be within a 10-minute walk of a train station, making it easier for residents to get to their desired destinations.

    The JRL will consist of 24 stations and run for a total of 24km. Stage 1 will connect Choa Chu Kang to Boon Lay and Tawas via JRL (West) and feature 10 stations, including interchanges at Choa Chu Kang (NSL), Boon Lay (EWL), and Bukit Panjang LRT. Stage 2 will connect Tengah to Pandan Reservoir on the JRL (East) and have seven stations with an interchange at Jurong East (NSL/EWL). Stage 3 will extend the JRL into Nanyang Technological University and towards Jurong Pier, with seven stations.

    The JRL’s fleet will consist of 62 fully-automated, driverless three-car trains that can be extended to four cars to meet commuter demand near to Jurong Condo. These trains will feature smaller, customized carriages, making it easier to navigate tight curves and built-up areas. Additionally, there will be wider doors and spaces for wheelchair users and strollers, making rides more accessible and comfortable for all commuters for Jurong Condo residents. An improved condition monitoring and diagnostic system will also be in place to monitor train health and detect rail defects and faults.

    Amenities Around the Jurong East Area Near to Jurong East

    On top of major tenants like Don Don Donki, Haidilao and Daiso, JCube Residence is also home to Singapore’s first and only Olympic-sized ice skating rink. CLD said it is working closely with JCube’s tenants and providing them with the necessary support to ensure a smooth handover of the premises. The mall’s last day of operations is Aug 6.

    The redevelopment of JCube for JCube Condo Residence, along with the other potential launches in the area, come as a welcome development for the region. Demand for residential housing in Jurong has been on the rise, due to the lack of new condo launches in recent years. Property analysts are expecting the new JCube Residence to have an average selling price of S$2,100 psf and upwards, aligned with recent launch prices of the outside of central region developments.

    JCube Condo Residence will likely boost home prices in the resale market and possibly have a spillover effect on the Bukit Batok and Clementi areas. Desmond Sim, chief executive of Edmund Tie, believes that demand for affordable suburban housing will still be relevant, noting that “the perfect price will still garner interest”.

    JCube Condo Residence will be connected to Jurong East MRT interchange, Westgate and IMM Building via J-Walk, a covered elevated pedestrian network in the Jurong Lake District (JLD). Eventually, it will be linked to the upcoming Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub, which boasts a bus interchange, public library, community club and sports centre, among other amenities near JCube Residence location. This will be a great benefit to those living in the area, having access to the many amenities and recreational facilities nearby.

    CLD is working closely with JCube’s tenants to ensure a smooth handover of JCube Residence premises and the mall’s last day of operations is Aug 6. While the closure of JCube marks the end of an era and make way for JCube Residence location.

    Westgate Shopping Centre Near to JCube Residence Condo Former JCube

    Former JCube Sees Good Demand with Backlog of Buyers

    The Jurong East Central area is a bustling hub of activity near to JCube Residence. There are numerous shopping centres, commercial buildings, and offices located in the vicinity of Jurong East MRT Station near to JCube Residence location by Capitaland. These include IMM Mall, JEM shopping Centre, Westgate, JTC Summit, Vision Exchange, and International Business Park. Due to the Masterplan of Jurong, which was established several decades ago, there is a lack of public housing HDBs in the area, making residential land a scarce resource. The last residential launch in the area was J Gateway, which opened its doors to buyers approximately 10 years ago right next to JCube Residence. This has caused a pent up demand for new residential developments in the area. For this reason, it is not surprising that there is limited residential land available for sale around Jurong Gateway. Overall, the Jurong East Central area is a vibrant and popular destination for shoppers, businesses, and home buyers alike near to JCube Residence. However, the limited availability of residential land means that prospective buyers may have difficulty finding their dream home in this area.

    Schools Located Near to JCube Condo

    JCube Condo Located Near to Good Schools and Educational Institutions

    The importance of JCube Condo being located near schools can include:

    1. Convenience for families with school-going children: Parents who live in the JCube Condo and have school-going children can save time and expense on transportation, as the proximity of schools reduces travel time and costs.
    2. Access to quality education: Living near good schools in Jurong East can offer residents access to high-quality education for their children, which can be a significant factor in their academic success.
    3. Potential for better social connections: Living near schools can offer opportunities for parents to meet other families in the same community and establish social connections, which can lead to friendships, support networks, and a greater sense of community.
    4. Increased property value: The presence of quality schools near the JCube Condo can also have a positive impact on property values, making the area more desirable and potentially increasing the value of homes in the area.
    5. Safer transportation options for children: Being located near schools can also offer safer transportation options for children, as they may be able to walk or cycle to school instead of relying on buses or cars, which can help reduce traffic and pollution in the area.

    Overall, being located near schools in Jurong East can offer a range of benefits for residents of JCube Condo, from convenience and access to quality education, to better social connections and potential for increased property values.

    Some of the schools that are located nearby JCube Condo include the below

    1. Jurong Junior College
    2. Fuhua Secondary School
    3. Yuhua Secondary School
    4. Shuqun Primary School
    5. Jurong Primary School
    6. Hong Kah Secondary School
    7. Crest Secondary School
    8. Jurong West Secondary School
    9. Bukit Batok Secondary School
    10. West Grove Primary School
    Jem Shopping Centre Located Near to JCube Condo

    Shopping Centres Located Near to JCube Condo

    JCube Condo is located at Jurong East is one of the more sought after locations given that there is a wide range of benefits of being located near to Jurong East. Some of the benefits include the below.

    1. Convenience: Living or working near shopping centers means you can easily access a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and other services without having to travel far.
    2. Time-saving: Having shopping centers nearby can save time that would otherwise be spent traveling to more distant locations for basic necessities or entertainment.
    3. Socializing: Shopping centers often provide spaces for people to socialize, hang out, and spend time together, making them ideal places for meeting friends and family.
    4. Health and fitness: Shopping centers sometimes offer fitness and health services such as gyms and clinics, making it easier for people to maintain their physical and mental health.
    5. Economic opportunities: The presence of shopping centers can create jobs, attract businesses, and stimulate economic growth in the surrounding area. This can benefit residents and the community as a whole.

    Some of the shopping centres located nearby include the below

    1. JEM – 50 Jurong Gateway Road
    2. Westgate – 3 Gateway Drive
    3. IMM – 2 Jurong East Street 21
    4. Big Box – 1 Venture Avenue
    5. West Mall – 1 Bukit Batok Central Link
    6. Ng Teng Fong General Hospital & Jurong Community Hospital – 1 Jurong East Street 21
    7. Genting Hotel Jurong – 2 Town Hall Link
    8. Vision Exchange – 2 Venture Drive
    9. Tradehub 21 – 8 Boon Lay Way


    Ng Teck Fong Shopping Centre at JCube Residence Condo

    Government Redevelopment Plans for Jurong Lake District Near to JCube Residences with Green Initiatives and Sustainability Plans

    The Singapore government has envisioned the Jurong Lake District to be a second business hub in the city, apart from the core city centre. To further decentralize the Central Business District, URA is in the process of creating a dynamic mix of hotels, commercial spaces, residential areas, and other amenities to make JCube Residence a lifestyle hub for work, leisure and play. The district is also planning to attract more tourists with the upcoming Jurong Lakeside Gardens; a complex comprising of Jurong East, Lakeside, and Jurong West. This will be beneficial for investors in JCube Residence, as these developments are anticipated to bring in international businesses. By 2035, the district will be conveniently accessible with four MRT stations that connect it to other parts of Singapore such as Jurong West, Clementi, and Orchard and Marina Area.

    In line with Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, JCube Residence Jurong East will be the pilot district to promote sustainability and green initiatives. This includes reducing the use of fossil fuels and cars, and encouraging the use of efficient public transport services and electric vehicles. The URA and Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) have published a report called “Sustainable Jurong Island”, which will be implemented in the district. The green plans near JCube Residence will upgrade the waste disposal systems, install solar panels and fuel cells on the rooftops, and sufficient renewable energy to power the entire estate. In addition, energy-efficient LED lighting, motion sensors, and generous green spaces including a green loop that connects existing and future green spaces, will be built. This green plan is a comprehensive effort to reduce carbon emissions and create new jobs, whilst supporting Singapore’s commitments to the Paris Agreement and UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. It is hoped that this plan will enable Singapore to build a sustainable future and overcome the climate crisis.

    How Jurong Region Line Will Benefit JCube Condo Residence

    The Jurong Region Line (JRL) is an upcoming high-capacity railway line in Singapore that will serve the western region of the island. The JRL will have a total of 24 stations and cover a distance of approximately 24 kilometers. It is expected to be completed in three phases, with the first phase scheduled to be operational in 2026.

    One of the major benefits of the JRL for JCube Condo Residence residents is the improved connectivity and accessibility to other parts of the island. The JRL will connect JCube Condo Residence to various important areas, such as Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, and Tengah. This will make it easier for residents to commute to work, school, and other destinations.

    Furthermore, the JRL will enhance the overall livability of JCube Condo Residence. The area is already a bustling commercial and residential hub, with numerous shopping malls, entertainment venues, and public amenities. With the addition of the JRL, it will become even more convenient for residents to access these facilities, as well as to explore other parts of the island.

    Another benefit of the JRL for JCube Condo Residence residents is the potential increase in property value. The improved connectivity and accessibility of the area may attract more homebuyers and investors, leading to higher demand for properties in the area. This, in turn, may drive up property prices and provide a good investment opportunity for current owners.

    Overall, the JRL is set to bring significant benefits to JCube Condo Residence residents, such as improved connectivity, enhanced livability, and potential increase in property value. As the project progresses, it will be interesting to see how it transforms the area and impacts the lives of those who call it home.

    JCube Residence New Development Former JCube

    Jurong Lake District and Jurong Innovation District To Benefit JCube Condo

    The West Region of Singapore has been a symbol of the country’s industrial progress since independence and will continue to be a major hub for manufacturing that will benefit JCube Condo residents. The region is undergoing a major transformation with the development of three new employment areas: the 360-hectare Jurong Lake District (JLD), the Jurong Innovation District (JID), and Tuas Port.

    JLD will be the largest mixed-use business district outside the city center, offering quality office spaces, housing, amenities, and plenty of green spaces neae JCube Condo location. The district will also feature a leisure and recreational cluster around Jurong Lake, taking advantage of its unique lakeside and garden setting. With four MRT lines serving the district by 2035, residents, workers, and visitors will have easy access to the rest of the island, including the CBD, Changi Airport, and JID.

    JID, on the other hand, will be an industrial district for advanced manufacturing, supported by a network of manufacturers, technology providers, researchers, and education institutions, including Nanyang Technological University. The district will be served by six future Jurong Region Line stations.

    Tuas Port, with its advanced automation and efficient processes, will be able to handle 65 million TEUs when fully operational in the 2040s, twice the current volume handled by Singapore’s ports. The port’s global reach and connectivity will also benefit factories in Tuas and Jurong, providing quicker production-to-market turnaround times.

    By 2035, the West Region will be served by six rail lines, connecting residents to key employment, recreation, and leisure areas near to JCube Condo location. The introduction of the Jurong Region Line and Cross Island Line will provide residents with more commuting options, while the future Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) will allow for convenient mode switching and add vibrancy to the area.

    For those looking for a convenient and modern living experience in the West Region, JCube Residence offers an excellent option with its top-notch amenities and prime location near JLD and JID.